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We have a variety of services to suit your needs. Please call for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Maintenance Plans

Weekly Maintenance $95

    One visit per week to vacuum and skim the pool, service and test all equipment and balance the water. Skimmer, pump baskets and pool cleaner will be emptied out. The pool is brushed thoroughly once per month. Chemicals are not included.

Biweekly Maintenance $105

    Same as weekly but performed every other week. Pool owner is expected to maintain the pool during the off weeks. Chemicals are not included.

Deluxe Service $165

    Two visits per week. First visit is to "touch up" the pool after the weekend and the second visit is a full service. This service is ideal for pools that get frequent use. Normal maintenance chemicals are included.

Vacation Service $105

    Need someone to take care of the pool while you're away? This service is right for you. Includes a full service and cleaning of the filter. 

All service plans based on normal pool conditions. Conditions out of our control such as seasonal debris, heavy bather load or neglect, requiring more than an hour of service will be charged per quarter hour thereafter. Chemicals will be provided at current retail rates (except Deluxe Service) or chemicals purchased by the pool owner can be used if preferred.

Opening Services

Summerize Pool/Pool with Spa $175/$225

    Includes removal of all winterizing plugs, reassembly of filtration equipment and start up of system. Recharging of D.E. filters is included. Any deck equipment (diving boards, railings etc.) will be reinstalled. All equipment will be tested and inspected for damages at this time.

-Additional pumps (excludes cleaner pump) $45

-Additional filtration systems $95

Remove any Custom Cover $95

    Cover will be stored on owner's property. All anchors will be screwed down or replaced if damaged or worn. The cover will be inspected for any damages. Covers must be free and clear of water and debris. An additional charge of $20 per quarter hour for pumping off and cleaning the cover will be applied.

-Removal of cable assemblies $15 of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Remove any Tarp Cover with Waterbags, Blocks etc. $105

    Cover will be stored on owner's property. All bags or blocks will be stored neatly.

The cover will be inspected for any damages. Covers must be free and clear of water and debris. An additional charge of $20 per quarter hour for pumping off and cleaning the cover will be applied. 

Spring Vacuum $120 minimum

   Pool will be cleaned and balanced and left in a ready to use condition. Chemicals are not included. Prices can vary substantially based on initial water condition. $120 minimum up to one hour, $20 per quarter hour thereafter. 

Pre-Shock $95

   This service is ONLY for pools with mesh covers. A week before the opening, give the pool a little boost and help shorten the cleanup time. The included 10 gallons of liquid chlorine will help to break down algae and scum.


Service Call $95

   Any time a visit is requested by the homeowner to address any issue or a service call is deemed necessary by the pool technician. Clients will be notified before any repairs are made. $95 up to 30 minutes, $35 per quarter hour thereafter. 

Leak Detection $125

   Do you feel like you're topping off the pool more than you have in the past? You may have a leak! We will pressure test your system to check for plumbing leaks and inspect the pool for structural leaks. Prices can vary depending on the repair needed. Any underwater repairs or inspection require a $75 surcharge in addition to normal fees.

Have a problem you think you can take care if you were just pointed in the right direction? Give us a call and explain your problem. We may be able to walk you through something simple over the phone. Free of charge! We're happy to help.